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  • Creates a barrier against nuisance animals around areas you want to protect
  • Conditions dogs to stay in the safety of their yard
  • Effectively provides protection up to 1 mile
  • Best for dogs over 6 months of age and weighing over 15 lb
  • Includes 10 poles, 50 pins for wire fastening, & a ground clamp

Surround gardens, mulch beds, ponds, and yards with this Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit. It comes with everything you need to create an effective deterrent for dogs 15 pounds and above, including an AC-powered energizer, 10 23-in PVC posts, 50 cotter pins, 100-ft wire and a ground clamp.

The Havahart® Above-Ground Electric Fence Kit creates both a physical and psychological barrier for small nuisance animals or dogs, so they stay safely inside your yard and away from gardens, ponds, and mulch beds.This electric fence can be used anywhere a deterrent is needed. It delivers a memorable static correction when your dog or other animals come in contact with the aluminum wire. This helps prevent animals from getting too close to the area and solves many escape problems some pet owners face, including digging.
Havahart® Recommendations for UseHavahart® approves this above-ground electric fence kit for dogs that weigh 15 pounds or more and pets older than six months. It should be noted that this above-ground electric fence kit is not recommended for smaller predators, including raccoons, cats, and rabbits.
Provides Up to 1 Mile of FencingThe kit includes everything you need to create up to 1 mile's worth of electric fencing. Part of the kit features 100 feet of aluminum wire, which can easily be added to over time with additional fence posts.
Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit Product DetailsDo you want to know more helpful details about the Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.Complete Product Details »
Model # SS-750RPX
Fence Type Wired, above ground
Range Up to 1 mile
Wire Length 100 feet
Wire Material Aluminum
Number of Poles Included 10
Pole Length 23 inches
Fence Pole Material PVC
Number of Ground Rods Included 1
Length of Ground Rod 22 inches
Additional Included Items
  • 50 cotter pins for wire fastening
  • Ground clamp
Learn More About Animal RepellingAt times, nuisance animal problems can seem like a never-ending battle. But, believe it or not, you can get the upper hand. Understanding your invader – their habits and preferences – is the first step of successful control. Check out some of our helpful resources to find out more about humane animal repelling.
About Havahart®Havahart® has been a trusted name in wildlife control solutions for over 70 years. Since our early beginnings, we have prided ourselves on delivering caring control methods for wildlife by offering live animal traps, conscientious animal repellents and safe electronic solutions. We design every product with the consumer and wildlife in mind. From beginners to experts, Havahart® has the solutions you need.

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