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GE Lighting 63007 Energy Efficient Reveal Halogen Light Bulb 43 Watt (60 Watt Equivalent) 120 Volt (Soft White - 2 Bulbs)

GE Lighting

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Enhanced clarity. Enhanced efficiency.

As our best quality of light, our bright white light bulbs, also known as reveal® HD+, filters out dulling yellow light to give you incredible color contrast and whiter whites for exceptional clarity. Available in a variety of shapes, including decorative styles, it provides pure, clean light that's perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space where clarity matters most.

GE energy-efficient Reveal bulbs fill rooms with clean, beautiful light while using 28% less energy than regular incandescent Reveal bulbs. Like regular incandescent Reveal bulbs, GE energy-efficient Reveal bulbs filters out dull, yellow rays, bringing out colors and patterns that go unnoticed under regular incandescent light. The halogen technology inside delivers outstanding energy efficiency, helping save money on energy.


  • Bright, crisp light
  • 60-watt replacement uses only 43-watts
  • A19 shape with medium base for use in table lamps and enclosed fixtures
  • Use general purpose color-enhanced full-spectrum GE energy-efficient Reveal bulbs in table lamps, floor lamps, enclosed ceiling fixtures and closet lights to make colors and patterns pop

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